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 Blood Village Jutsu

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Gummi Bear Luna

Gummi Bear Luna

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PostSubject: Blood Village Jutsu   Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:58 am


Blood Katana- You cut yourself, and focus chakra to your blood to make a katana.

Blood Shurikens- You cut yourself then you form the blood to shurikens, then focus chakra to them to fly at the opponent.


Blood Chidori- Cut your hand, then preform chidori to make it red and powerful.

Blood River Genjutsu- Makes the opponent flooded with blood as a genjutsu.


Blood Rasengan- Cut your hand, then preform Rasengan to make it red and powerful.

Blood Clone- Form your blood into a clone, this is a risky jutsu that may cause you to faint of blood lose.

Yuukage Exclusives:

Blood Pulse Stopping- Stops the flow of their blood, causes them to faint at times but if you hit them, there is a 80% chance it wont do it.


My Activation For S.M.E:Shining Silver Moons, Must Activate

Blood Village Kage, The First Yuukage
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Blood Village Jutsu
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