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 Luna Clan Levels/Apperances/Explaination

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Gummi Bear Luna

Gummi Bear Luna

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PostSubject: Luna Clan Levels/Apperances/Explaination   Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:52 am

Level 1-Crescent Moon: a crescent moon appears in your eye when activated. It allows them to do minor Moon Genjutsu and some Sword Techniques. This level is achieved by successfully getting 180 posts, and a 3-battle experience.

Level 2-Half Moon: a half-moon appears in your eye when activated. It allows them to do intermediate Moon Genjutsu, and a good deal of Sword Techniques. Achieved by facing a Life or Death battle, and knowing all of the Crescent Moon Level skills available. Must be a chunin or expert genin.

Level 3- 3 Quarter Moon: A 3-quatered moon appears in your eye when activated. It allows them to do semi-strong Moon Genjutsu and know a high percent of Sword Techniques. Achieved by a minimum of 680 posts, and being a Jounin+.

Level 4- Full Moon: A full moon appears in your eye when activated. It allows you to do strong Moon Genjutsu and know almost all of the Sword Techniques. Achieved by a strong training of Level 3.

Crimson Moon: An elite level of the bloodline. This allows you to use Moon Genjutsu and a weak string of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu for it. Your Sword Techniques are stronger and faster. Obtainable by killing 1 person, meeting all levels before this, and meeting their requirements.

Appearances will come soon


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Luna Clan Levels/Apperances/Explaination
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