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 ~Luna Clan Techniques~

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Gummi Bear Luna

Gummi Bear Luna

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PostSubject: ~Luna Clan Techniques~   Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:37 am

Dance of the Half Moon- You jump into the air then spin around in the air, and then you slash down on your opponent, in the middle of the air. Pretending to cut into 2 halves, then you slash, stab or jab your opponent.
Level 2

Dance of The 3-Quarter Moon- You jump into the air and spin around, and then you jump down. Then you slash down on your opponent, in 4 spaces to choose, you could go for either side that is 3-Quarters.
Level 3

Dance of The Full Moon- This one is a little different. You jump into the air then spin around in the air. Then as you go down on your opponent you spin your blade in a full circle until you get to them then you stab, jab or slash at them.
Level 4

Dance of The Crimson Moon- You charge at them from behind; kick off their back and into the air with the blade. You jump up and with the blade; you spin it around like crazy and slash at their throats. Note that if you get too carefree you could cut yourself.
Level 5

Moonlight Heal Jutsu- A healing light from the moon that could heal the more hurt, and more wounds as the rank/level goes up. Only useable if the moon is out.

Moon Light Clone- A spotlight of moonlight appears and it turns into a clone of you, which could attack but could only move when the moon is out.

Moon Light Cannon- A blast of moonlight shines down on the opponent, a genjutsu which could cause them to go blind for a few post or stun them. Could be released and only works with moonlight.

Moon Phase Illusion- Causes the moon phases to change and block out light as a genjutsu. Could only be used outside in sunlight.

Moon Hell Technique- A genjutsu technique that makes 8 moons form around the opponent and trap them in their worst nightmare for 5 post, or until they release.

Moon Spirit Open- Opens a moon spirit within you but at a minor rate. It only dyes your hair silver and parts of your body are silver. And your eyes are silver. Must have moonlight to an open rate. Meaning the S.M.E is deactivated the entire time.

Moon Spirit Fusion- The complete form that you use, that your whole body is silver and glowing, must have Moon Spirit Open activated first. There are many drawbacks to this jutsu.

-After the use of 8 post with it, you faint

-During the use of it you’re only able to use Taijutsu.

-After defusing you’re unable to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu.

-If the time you use it goes by and it turns to day, your moon spirit will be crushed forever, making you unable to go into the mode again.
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~Luna Clan Techniques~
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